Science Zone


School was a time that seemed to fly by, and we all harbour fond memories of the time, one thing that does seem to connect most people is their involvement in science experiments!

Whether it was something going slightly wrong, or brilliantly right! We all enjoyed the hands on experience that Science offered. This was part of the reason a Science workshop was a must when we began planning the Festival of Discovery.

We’re pulling together activities to keep you bamboozled, questioning everything and even having fun. So what are you waiting for? Get your white coat on!!!

Discover what secrets the ocean holds with the use of an underwater sonar. You will really be amazed by the creatures down there!

Jellyfish under the sea

The Festival of discovery – an incredible day out for your family. Experience the mix of 3 festivals on one day, offering something for each member of the family. Whether your passion is boating, food or getting stuck in with hands on activities this is the place for you. Buy your ticket today for just £10 and get access to all 3 events! We can’t wait to see you.