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Kiddy Cookery Classes

Session 1 Magical Milk: We’ll learn about the structure of milk, and how different physical or chemical changes can convert it into everyday foods before competing with each other to see who can make butter to spread on their bread the fastest! RECIPE: HOMEMADE (FLAVOURED) BUTTER

Session 2 Bonkers Bacteria! An interactive session to get us thinking about hygeine and how we can prevent germs from spreading. RECIPE: PANZANELLA SALAD

Session 3 Tantalising Taste Buds: We’ll learn about the 5 tastes and do some gastronomic experiments to get the taste buds tingling! We’ll investigate the difference between ‘taste’ and ‘flavour’ and use what we’ve learned to make a noodle salad RECIPE: DIY POT NOODLE

Session 4 Fizz! Bang! Wallop!: We’ll discover how Co2 makes dough rise as we create bread bubble bombs, carbon dioxide rockets and make scrumptious pizza RECIPE: PIZZA (This pizza will need to be cooked at home).

Session 5 Incredible! Edible! Slime! We’ll discover how we can use basic store cupboard ingredients to make incredible, edible slime! RECIPE: SLIME (3 x taste safe varieties).