Our Town’s and City’s landscapes are forever changing, at the heart of this are talented Architects, Builders and Engineers. These are all skills that take hard work, creativity and a little ingenuity, but when done well it creates buildings, machinery and inventions with the power to improve our lives and take our breath away!

Our Engineering Activities give your child a taste of what they’re capable of, allowing them to construct a bridge whilst learning about safety, programme a robot to undertake various tasks, race Hotwheels cars and drive Royal Navy Boats!

This really is a journey of career discovery and whilst we don’t expect an 8 year old to not change their mind, we do expect them to leave excited about their futures.

How to build and programme robots, with hands on computer programming, how big is your imagination?

Gŵyl Ddarganfod – Gŵyl a ysbrydolwyd gan Ofod, Gwyddoniaeth a Natur. Mae gennym sioeau, arddangosiadau a llwythi o weithgareddau, yn ogystal â bwyd gwych a gogoneddus yn y Neuadd Fwyd.  Gobeithiwn y gallwch ymuno â ni!

Archebwch tocynnau