Be sy’ymlaen

Festival of Discovery strives to close the gap and focuses on providing live sensory entertainment.

By sharing resources with like-minded organizations and individuals, sharing knowledge and resources, and aligning our vision with one another, we can take the next step in ensuring people of all abilities are able to have the quality of life they dream of.

To ensure the content of the event meets with approval, families with an autistic child were asked to participate in a ‘register your interest’ and tell us: “what sort of activity would you child want at the event”; families responded with the following requests:

  • No loud noises or large crowds
  • Open spaces for running freely
  • Bouncing – trampolines, castles
  • Music, no music
  • Touching – animals, particularly Lamas.
  • Anything to do with trains.
  • Bubbles, no balloons.
  • Mud, puddles, fun with water.
  • Arts & Crafts, storying telling, quiet spaces.
  • A place to meet other families.
  • Lights, calmness.

We will be doing our utmost to include all of the requests, so far we have: